Longfellow Exploration Partners

Longfellow Exploration Partners, Limited (LEP) is a Texas based oil and gas exploration company who with affiliates have leased and explored significant development and exploration acreage positions centered around the giant and expanding Pinon Field (15 TCF EUR). These properties strategically situated in the core of the prolific and rapidly developing West Texas Overthrust (WTO) Resource Play of the Val Verde/Permian/Delaware Basin system of West Texas are well positioned for continued development

LEP and affiliates' working interest positions are concentrated under the Longfellow Ranch and West Ranch of Southern Pecos County, Texas. Longfellow Ranch spans portions of the Pinon Field and is centered in the heart of this West Texas Overthrust (WTO) play that has been a significant factor in the Permian West Texas area's recent natural gas drilling and production activity. (There are currently in excess of 700 wells drilled in the Pinon Field area to date with most of this activity occurring over the past several years.)

LEP team members and affiliates along with partners including Operator, Sandridge Energy, Inc. (formerly Riata Energy, Inc.), www.sandridgeenergy.com, have since 2003 undertaken development of the Longfellow Ranch and the prolific Piñon Field. Other giant fields nearby Longfellow include Puckett, Grey Ranch, Elsinore, Thistle, Brown-Bassett, Pakenham, and Gomez Field.

Lariat Services drilling rig at Longfellow flaring gas while drilling with air.

The information contained herein was obtained from third party sources, including the operator; however, LEP does not in any way represent that the information contained herein is completely accurate.  Any third party reliance on such information should be done only through independent third party analysis and investigation of the facts associated herewith.